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The journey by brandon bays

The Journey by Brandon Bays - reviews

"Brandon Bays takes her reader on a journey of astounding inspiration" Deepak Chopra, author of Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Grow Younger, Live Longer and many other books.

"Brandon's inspiring story is proof of the healing power that exists within every individual" John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

"The Journey will inspire millions, not only those with physical challenges in their lives but those seeking spiritual understanding." Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion

A book that brings you out of the jungle - from London. We read, we saw, we recommended. Such an easy read, yet full of understanding and help. Everyone, whether healthy, ailing, depressed, addicted whoever and whatsoever should read this book and listen to their inner self. Brandon Bays shares her experiences both good and bad and helps you to tackle yours. I have recommended many people to read and keep giving my copy away. One day I hope that my partner and I can see and meet Brandon in person and attend her meetings.

Powerful and deeply moving - Tania Wood from Australia. A very powerful and deeply moving book. I couldn't put it down. It has been the beginning of my own spiritual journey. I've encouraged all my friends and loved ones to read it. It moved me to tears and gave me courage and a sense of calm. I wish I had seen Brandon in person when she came to Australia.

Brilliant. Excellent. I couldn't put it down - from Dublin. My husband is now reading it, and I'm booked on a Journey workshop. I'm not easy to please, so this is great!

   UP Excellent reading, plainly worded, beneficial to all people. A real must for the bookshelf - from u.k. The Journey contains such easy wisdom, it enables all people to open their hearts and find their own inner wisdom and beauty. It is now possible with help from Brandon Bays to see within ourselves, to uncover the past hurts, traumas or present illness to reveal the real us, not the human being but the spiritual being that we tend to forget. It was lovely to read, uplifting, positive in a way most books cannot portray. I was impressed with the openness of Brandon and her sharing of her wisdom through her illness. I am waiting for the tapes, as I feel no-one should miss the opportunity to connect with their very soul. This work should be spread quickly. I thoroughly recommend it!

A book about transformation in all areas of life - from London, UK. This is a wonderful easy to read book that shows each and every one of us how to transform all areas of our lives. You don't have to believe that it is possible. All you have to be is willing and open to trying the method Brandon describes, and you will discover how extraordinary you are.

Life transforming techniques accessible to everyone - from Bath, England. I have had the great fortune of attending Brandon's workshops in person; the single most transforming work I have ever done. Her book guides you through the techniques just as though you were with her in person. In just two hours I was able to shed 30 years of stored up emotional pain and uncover the true joy and love that lies at the heart of us all. Read it and use it - your life will never be the same again.

   UP This review, by Holly Timmerman, was first published in CADUCEUS In this remarkable book Brandon Bays describes how, in healing herself of a tumour the size of a basketball, she discovered a way to access the source of her own being and it's transformative power. This in itself is an intense inspiring story of personal growth and spiritual faith tested and proved in the face of challenging illness and a succession of personal losses. There seems no reasonable doubt that she is a living example of someone healing a tumour without drugs or surgery, by releasing traumatic memories at a cellular level. More significantly perhaps, Brandon goes on to describe how she developed out of her own healing, The journey of the book title, a process that others can use to similar healing effect. The Journey work she did and the ways you can undertake your own Journeys at an emotional and physical level are described in detail at the end of the book. It is a skilled approach to self healing, using traditional spiritual principles alongside cutting edge techniques of mind-body healing. It is also an intimate autobiography.

A successful leading trainer with USA personal growth guru Tony Robbins, Brandon retreats into denial when she first discovers a swelling in her abdomen. She is doing 'everything right'. How can this be happening? Compelled by her inability to conceal the tumours size we follow her through daunting medical diagnosis and prognosis - 'as a doctor I'm in the business of saving lives and you need to check into the hospital this afternoon.' Bargaining with her doctor, she negotiates one month to heal herself. She then walks her talk as someone, 'who realises that the same part of me that had been responsible for creating the tumour would also be responsible for uncreating it. I felt a childlike innocence and trust that somehow I would be guided to discover what it was this pelvic mass had to teach me.' We witness the awesome triumph of faith in her 'text book clean' scan six weeks later. We go with her as she pushes through the growing edges of losing what she values most: her marriage, her closeness with her daughter, her home and financial security. With all stripped away 'free-falling into nothingness' Brandon uses her journey work to move deeper and more permanently into a source of boundless love within, discovering the ancient truth that 'you are the love that you are seeking.'

   UP This book came to me at one of those 'window moments' on a healing journey of my own, at a point where I needed to clear an underlying pattern to effect a physical healing. I really needed to wake up transformed the next day if I was to avoid going down the road of further medical intervention, which I had decided I did not want to do. So the timing, I had no doubt, was perfect. I was surprised by the simplicity and power of the process. When it was complete, I slept peacefully knowing from the depths of my being that all was well; but would my body respond. The next day I woke well and symptom free. Since then I have taken the work further attending a workshop with Brandon and beginning to use the work in my own healing practice. I can recommend this book, not only as inspirational reading and an interesting application of the propositions of mind body healing; but also from experience of it's usefulness in both personal and professional healing.



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