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Linda Markley -

Who I am

When I first encountered The Journey, my intuition told me that I had to get involved. Sure enough, it changed everything. Within a year of my first Journey, circumstances improved considerably, allowing me to leave a twenty-year career in computing and do full time Journey work and coaching, which I love.

That was back in 1999.

Consciousness is evolving on the planet and new, powerful healing modalities have appeared. I am always interested in improving my ability to help myself and my clients so I have trained in many of them. I have learnt much but the one tool I have used throughout is The Journey. It is tried and tested, powerful, safe and effective.

Before I intuitively knew to become a Journey Therpaist, I never expected to have the word 'therapist' in my job title. After all, I had a degree in Pure Maths & a career in the business application of IT.

Equally, despite being intuitive and sensitive, I never expected to use the word 'psychic'. But, the more transformation I experience and witness, the more I realise how much important information even intuitive, highly sensitive practitioners miss. Without that information, we effectively work in the dark. Hence, I trained to rigorously look at and learn about energy and how to work effectively with what I see.

This ongoing process continues to deepen my own growth, gives me access to more of my myself and enables me to be more present with and for my clients.



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