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What can you expect from your Journey?

The Journey is a gentle and powerful process in which the client is established in unconditional love at their innermost core. In the safe, highly supportive setting thus created, long buried, traumatic memories or emotions can be uncovered and sensitively resolved. Where there is no obvious traumatic incident, other, more current or familiar memories may be revisited from a different emotional angle or depth. Either way, healing and positive life changes result.

The healing can be instant. Some people have ended dependency on pain killers, anti-depressants or sleeping pills immediately after a Journey while others have substantially more energy right away. More typically, cellular recovery takes time. The amount of time is generally related to the speed with which the cells of different parts of our bodies are replaced.

Each Journey is unique and the effects are often far greater than we hope for. Some come for healing and find unexpected fulfilment and a lasting sense of peace. Others come to deal with life issues and are surprised to find that their back pain has vanished.

People feel refreshed and renewed after their Journey and some glow but whatever the most obvious results, all Journeys bring about intense cellular activity and detoxification. Usually, people can best support themselves by taking it easy for the rest of the day. The cleansing process can last a few days, during which time emotions may continue to surface and be liberated, as the healing takes its course. The end result is that you are released from your issue forever, bringing lasting emotional freedom as well as physical healing.

Having tapped into the deepest resources of the universe during your Journey, you will continue to gain clarity and draw fresh inspiration from the experience through the years ahead.

The Journey can and does transform lives:-
"My heart felt healed, whole. I felt as if I'd been washed from the inside out, as if someone had just wiped me clean. I wanted to dance, sing and celebrate … I felt finally free." SUZY GREAVES, THE SUNDAY TIMES


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