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journey (brandon bays) sussex

A Journey with Linda costs 150, typically takes three hours, but can take longer.

Linda was among the first core group in the world to be trained extensively by Brandon Bays. She tailors each Journey to individual needs and maximum benefit. Her skills and approach allow even the deepest, most sensitive or traumatic problems to be comfortably addressed. She will help you clarify the underlying issues involved and ensure they are met and fully resolved, so that blocks are permanently released.

A Journey with Linda is comprehensive and thorough. She weaves together the Physical Journey, Emotional Journey and other tools, as appropriate for you. This allows any kind of life issue, which may be affecting you in many different ways, to be fully resolved and released in a single Journey. 

Where? Linda is based in Sussex, on the south coast of England, about 1 hour from London and 40 minutes from Gatwick Airport.  Many clients have found it worthwhile to travel to her from all parts of the UK as well as abroad. She will visit clients in her area who are too ill to travel.

Comments from clients after a single Journey with Linda :-

"It was without doubt, the most positive Journey I have ever had. I felt relaxed and safe and in the 'hands' of someone who not only knew what they were doing but doing it sympathetically, flexibly and with great gentleness. I feel so free and light now ... it's as though I have put down a large burden and can run and jump without hindrance now." LIZ, SUSSEX

"Thank you again for the wonderful experience I had on 'The Journey' ... I was astounded at what came to the surface ... I do genuinely feel more confident about and at peace with myself and my future - a definite 'lighter' feeling." JULIAN, WALES

"One of my reasons for coming to see you was my failure in relationships. Well 2 months ago I met Matthew and he is wonderful. We are both very happy and I certainly haven't felt like this before about anyone. ...much less tense in my shoulders ... my nervous squints have both diminished, if not entirely stopped." MS, SUSSEX

TIM, IPSWICH "...has learnt to be more in touch with his feelings and his hearing has improved considerably.  He now has no pain and the congestion is significantly reduced."

"I've definitely changed since my Journey ... I actually feel different and seem much more aware of the inner self than ever before. I also seem a bit more in tune with everything around me and am noticing messages 'from the Universe' (for the want of better words) a lot more frequently … after a week of persistent messages … I started charging for my therapy ... without feeling bad about it!" MY, AROMATHERAPIST

"I feel like a whole level of depression has disappeared, and now when people ask me how I am I gladly say ''really good''. The future doesn't feel threatening any more, and many problems vanished or diminished to a realistic scale." JC, LONDON

"A recovering alcoholic, I need the 12-step program to stay alive, yet, after 19 years in recovery, my Journey with you took the twelve steps even deeper for me and healed some of my most intractable wounds. It healed my deepest shame where nothing else helped. It also helped my physical health." ALCOHOLIC IN RECOVERY

"I achieved my objective of gaining sufficient confidence to see clients. Overall we feel the Journey to have been very worthwhile as well as enjoyable." SUE, SUFFOLK

"After my Journey, I definitely didn't feel 'healed' of any anger & resentment. Then I forgot about it. About 3 or 4 months later, I suddenly realized that I have really forgiven all the people involved, especially my husband. I still talk about him occasionally, totally without anger, resentment or bitterness. I feel so much happier and relaxed now - thank you Linda." PAM O'CONNOR, SUSSEX

"I feel you have helped me tremendously and I appreciate it very much." RS, SOUTH AFRICA



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