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Kate Wilhelm books for sale UK

Prices include postage to UK mainland (discount available if buy several books)

E-mail list of books you want to buy, whether you want to pay via cheque or Paypal) & address to send books to.


Children of the Wind (hb) vcg - £3.25

Oh Susannah (hb) vgc - £6.95

Cambio Bay (hb) vgc - £6.95

The Dark Door (hb) vgc - £2.50

Smart House (hb) vgc - £3.25

A Sense of Shadow (hb) vgc - £7.25

Sweet, Sweet Poison (hb) vgc -£2.50

And the Angels Sing (hb) vgc - £4.25

Paper backs:-

The Good Children pb vgc - £2.50

A flush of Shadows pb vgc - £3.15

Death Qualified pb vgc - £2.50

Defense for the Devil pb vgc - £2.75

The Best Defense pb vgc - £2.50

Husyman's Pets pb vgc - £3.95

Welcome, Chaos pb vgc - £3.25

The Hamlet Trap pb vgc signed by author - £3.75

Crazy Time pb vgc - £3.25

Seven Kinds of Death pb vgc signed by author - £2.75

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